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  • If you would like to extend your rental period, please contact the branch in advance before the return date/time on your rental contract. 

    You may pay for the extended use at return.

    Insurance coverage and Collision Damage Waiver will not be applied during extended period without prior consent and contract extension. 

    Therefore, please make sure you contact the branch to extend your rental period in advance.

  • At Jeju branch, discounts fluctuate very regularly due to seasons and holidays. 

    Please contact our Customer Service Center (+82-2-797-8000) and Jeju Auto House (+82-64-651-8000) for information regard discounts to make reservation. 

    Important Information

    ※ Double discounts cannot be applied. (e.g., Event discount cannot be applied with membership discount.) 

  • All vehicles at LOTTE rent a car are non-smoking vehicles.  

  • Please refer below to information regard Chauffeured service.

    ■ Rental charges

     · Basic rental fee : Include personnel and fuel cost

     · Excess rental fee : Applied according to excess time and mileage

     · Additional expenses: Tolls, parking fees, board and lodging expenses for the driver(If going outside of the city), etc., will be borne by the customer

    ■ Standards for rental with Chauffeured service

    · Minimum rental standard : 3 hours

    · 1day rental standard : Time - 10 hours, Distance - 125km

    · Mileage : Applies from the departure km to the arrival km

    ■ Long-term rental with Chauffeured service

    · Special discount will be provided if used for more than 1 month

    · The fuel cost is borne by contractor

    · Chauffeured driving hour : Weekdays -10 hours, Saturdays - 6 hours, Sundays (public holidays) - Closed

    ■ Reservation inquiry

    · +82-2-797-8000

  • -Tire →  Equipped for all seasons 

    -Snow chain is provided in the trunk during snowy season.

    ※ If the snow chain is not in the trunk, it can be provided at request. 

  •  Yes, you can make Hertz rental car reservations outside of Korea through LOTTE rent a car site and receive 10% discounts.

  • Babyseat is available for rental only at Jeju Auto House.   

  • ■ You may receive a refund if the return time is earlier than the return time on your rental agreement. 

    With the exception of if the adjustment to your return time means rental period being lesser than 24 hours, the membership discount cannot be applied. Therefore, the rental fee after adjustment may be more expensive and no refund can be provided.

    ※ e.g., Due to the policy that membership discount can only be applied for at least 24 hours rental, if your original reservation for a compact vehicle with membership discount is KRW46,800, but after the adjustment to 19 hours, the membership discount will be canceled, and the rental fee will become KRW66,000. Therefore, please consult with our staff for the best option when requesting for early return. 

  • ■ Zero Excess Coverage exempts all vehicle repair fees and compensation fees in the case of damage to the vehicle due to accident.

    ※ If you select other type of indemnity program(CDW), you will be required to pay for the excess and compensation fee for the inoperable vehicle. 

  • Only the person in which the reservation is made under can pick-up the car. If not, the reservation will be canceled and a new reservaiton shall be made under the name of the person who picks up the car. 

    However, if he or she is not a member, the same membership discount can be applied for the new reservation only after membership registration. If not non-member discount rate will be applied instead. 

  • Yes, the reservation will be confirmed when the payment is completed.

    The reservation will be canceled automatically if the payment is not made. 

    ■ When making a reservation through the homepage (mobile application): You can pay over the counter on the same day of collection. 

    ■ When making a reservation through the customer center (branch): Payment must be complete before 8pm the day before the rental day.

    ※ Reservations through LOTTE rent a car's affiliates or partners: Please check the policies stated by our affiliates and partners. 

  • ■ If you want to return the vehicle to a branch other than your pick-up branch, you need to pay the one-way rental fee.

        You can request for a one-way rental only if the rental is more than 24 hours. 

    ■Important information when requesting for one-way rental

    To request for one-way rental, you must check with our branch regard the availability of the vehicle in advance. Please contact our branch 24 hours prior to your rental date. 

    ■ What is a one-way fee?

     One-way fee is incurred when you request to return the vehicle to another branch different from your pick-up branch.  

     The one-way rental fee is the road fee that occurs when an employee has to drive the vehicle back to its original branch, the fee includes personnel and fuel expense. 

  • If the vehicle is damaged from an accident attributed to the renter, the renter is responsible for 50% of the standard rental fee in addition to the vehicle repair cost due to revenue loss.

    This amount is calculated by the revenue loss (50% of standard rental fee) X vehicle suspension period (repair days).

    This surcharge will be collected regardless of whether or not renter has registered for the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). 

    ※ However, if renter has registered for Zero Excess CDW at Jeju branch, this surcharge for the inoperable can be exempted with CDW. 

  • Reservations can only be made 60 days prior to pick-up date for mainland branches. 

    However, you can make a reservation 90 days prior to pick-up date for Incheon International Airport and Jeju Branches. (Both on our website or by contacting our call center) 

  • You may register for a second driver with no additional fee. However, the second driver must be 21 years of age and satisfies all the rental requirements the same as the main driver. 

    You can apply for a second driver at pick-up.

    Second driver must be registered to be able to be covered by insurance coverage and receive compensation benefits in the case of accident. 

  • Night rental is provided at our 24-hour branches. 

    ■ 24-hour branch: Gangnam branch, Seoul station branch

    Most of our branches are opened from 8:30 am.

    The opening and closing time can be changed depending on the circumstances of the branch, so please refer to any updates provided.

    ■  06:00 am Open-hour branch: Incheon Airport Branch

         07:00 am Open-hour branch: Yangjae Sales Branch

         07:30 am  Suncheon KTX

         08:00 am Gimpo Airport Branch, Gimhae Airport branch, Sacheon Airport branch, Ulsan Airport Branch, Jeju Auto House

  • Renting on a monthly basis for less than 12 months is called monthly rental. 

    Currently, we do offer monthly rental at the branches. 

    However, due to the fare differences depending on the type of vehicle, model year, option and mileage, to provide you with the exact quotation and consultation, please contact our nearest branch. 

    You can contact our nearest branch or customer service center at +82-2-797-8000 (08:30-20:00 on weekdays)

  • ○ Basic requirements for rental (For Up to 9 passengers seat vehicle)

     - 21 years of age or above (Rental is possible starting from the 21st birthday)/ Class 2 General Korean driver's license or higher

     - Your driver's license must be issued more than 1 year and valid throughout rental period.

    ○ Requirements for rental of 11 passengers seat vehicle 

     - 21 years of age or above (Rental is possible starting from the 21st birthday) / Class 1 General Korean driver's license or higher

     - Your driver's license must be issued more than 1 year and valid throughout rental period.

     ○ Requirements for rental of 15 passengers seat vehicle

    ※ Available locations: Jeju, Daejeon (Only)

     - Those who are 26 years old or above (Rental is possible starting from the 26th birthday) / Class 1 General Korean driver's license or higher

     - Your driver's license must be issued more than 1 year and valid throughout rental period.

    In the case of Class 1 General driver's license, rental is not possible due to cancellation of driver's license after one year from the end of the aptitute test period(renewal period). 

  • No, mileage is unlimited when renting with Lotte rent a car  

  • Renter will be asked to sign the Credit Card authorization form at pick-up. It is to inform and represents the customer consent for the collection of credit card information for the purpose of settling any additional fees due to the articles listed below: 

           - To settle additional rental fees due to extension of rental, etc.

           - To settle the excess due to damaged vehicle (Except CDW – “Full Coverage”)

           - To settle any fines for the violation of traffic laws (Speed violation / Traffic signal violation / Unauthorized parking in disabled spaces, etc.)

           - To settle unpaid highway toll fee, etc.

           - To settle vehicle cleaning fee in case of smoking in the vehicle. 

    ■ Period of retention and use of information

        - Information provided will be destroyed 90days after the vehicle is returned.

    ■ How the provided information is used

        1. If the unpaid amount occurs after the vehicle is returned, the customer will be contacted by phone before unpaid amount is charged. (In case contact by phone is unsuccessful, the unpaid amount will be charged automatically after notifying through text message or E-mail.)

       2. Automatic payment will proceed 48 hours after SMS or E-mail notification is sent. (If no response within the deadline) 

       3. For foreign national customers, automatic payment will proceed 48 hours after e-mail billing notification is sent (If no response 

        within the deadline) 

        ※ Information included in notification : Charge Type / Date of Occurrence / Amount Charged / Date of Charge

    ※ Information requested on the form include Card Type, Card Number, Expiration Date

    ※ The card information provided by the customer is subjected to the Credit Information Protection Act and is not entrusted to third parties for any purposes such as payment.

    ※ All additional payment mentioned above shall be paid for after vehicle is returned. If renter fails to pay for any fees within 1 month, the company holds the right to settle the payment with renter's credit card according to the renter's consent by signing the Credit Card Authorization form.  

  • If you have an International Driving Permit (IDP) and satisfies all requirements below you can rent a car with us.   

    ■ Must be 21 years old or above. (Based on pick-up date) 
    ■ International Driving Permit (IDP) Stamped on 'B' or 'D' type- issued from countries under the Geneva & Vienna Conventions and valid throughout the rental period. (IDP issued in Korea cannot be used to rent a car in Korea)  
    ■ Credit Card under renter's name - Credit card is required for payment. (Dollars, cash and debit card are not accepted)  
    ■ Passport - The English spelling and signature on the passport must match the ones on IDP. (In case of mismatched, International Driving Permit cannot be verified)

    1. International Driving Permit (IDP) 
    ■  9 passengers or less : Stamped on "B" type, issued by a member country of Geneva or Vienna Convention.
    ■  11~12 passengers  : Stamped on "D" type, issued by a member country of Geneva or Vienna Convention.
    ※ Member country of Geneva or Vienna Convention stated by the minister of traffic  
    ※ IDP issued in Korea cannot be used to rent a car in Korea.
    ※ Please see Rental Requirements on our site for more information about IDP.

    2. USFK Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit
    ■ USFK Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit holders, can only rent up to 9-passenger vehicles

    ※ Korean driver's license exchanged from a foreign driver's license is exempted from 1 year after issued policy. (Please see requirements for rental with Korean driver's license)
    ※ EU citizens - EU International Driver's License cannot be used in Korea. EU IDL holders must issue an International Driving Permit to drive in Korea. 
    ※ IDP issued by private companies in the U.S. and Canada is not allowed. Only IDP issued from The American Automobile Association (AAA) is accepted for rental (IDP from AATA is not accepted). 

  • All vehicle is rented out with full-tank. Customer is required to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when pick-up. If not, an extra fueling charge will be applied at return. 

  • Navigation is available free of charge at all branches. English navigation can be requested on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • You can make a reservation online through LOTTE rent a car's homepage, call our customer service (1588-1230) or directly contact the branch to make a reservation. For English, we recommend that you make reservations online or call our customer service center. 

    ■ Make reservation directly through our website

    After making reservation, you can check your reservation on ‘My Reservation’ page.
    If you’re a member of Lotte rent-a-car, you can just sign into your account for checking. If you’re not a member, you can check your reservation by your reservation number and IDP number.


    ■ Call +82-2-797-8000(Weekdays : 08:30~20:00) press 8 for English. Our customer service representative will assist you to make a reservation. 

    ■ You may also directly call to the rental branch to make reservation.

  • All LOTTE rent-a-car vehicles are covered by the comprehensive automobile insurance (Third party liability, property damage, personal injuries) which is included in the rental fee as you signed the rental agreement. However, customer must register for Collision Damage Waiver(CDW) in addition to the rental fee to be exempted from the total expense due to damages to the vehicle in the case of accident. 

    Insurance Coverage included in the rental contract

    Third Party Liability : Unlimited 

    Property Damage : 20 million KRW 

    Personal Injury : 15 million KRW 

    * In the event that an accident is caused by reasons not covered by the auto insurance policy, insurance coverage may not be available. 

  • You can check in details by going to 'Location' on our homepage for more information about each branches.  

  • ■ Basic fee : Inclusive of Rental fee, Comprehensive Insurance fee (Third party liability, Property damage, Personal Injuries, 10%VAT)

    ■ Excess charge : If the contract period is exceeded, an additional fee will be applied.

    ■ One-Way fee : Additional fee applied according to the distance between the pick-up and return location when requesting to return the vehicle to another branch different from the pick-up branch. 

    ■ Payment process : Customer will pay for the rental fee at the counter when entering the contract at pick-up or a pre-paid can be made when making reservation through LOTTE rent a car's homepage. A final settlement according to any changes or additional charges will be collected at return. 

    ■ Payment Method : Major domestic or International credit card   

    ■ Customer discounts : Discount can only applied when renting for more than 24 hours

  • ■ Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

    All losses or damages to the vehicle attributed to the renter during rental is the renter's responsibility. However, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) offers renter the protection from financial liability for losses and damages to the vehicle.
    ※ You must join CDW with 0 excess for your convenience.

    ※ Registering for CDW during rental or at return is not allowed.

    ※ Surcharge for the inoperable vehicle due to an accident will be collected. 

  • ■ The refund policies for cancellation after payment in advance are as follows. 

     - Cancellation 24 hours prior to pick-up date/time: 100% refund

     - Cancellation within 24 hours prior to pick-up date/time: KRW 3,000 (cancellation fee)

     - No cancellation prior to pick-up date/time + No cancellation 2 hours after pick-up date/time : 10% of rental fee will be claimed for NO-SHOW.

     ※ However, in the case of Jeju branch, if the cancellation is due to reasons caused by natural disaster, no cancellation fees will be charged even if you contacted us within 24 hours prior to pick-up. 

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